Hoot your way to Childcare with your Bubaloo Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags_mix_1

In searching for the perfect sleeping bags for TheMamaClub and The Prep School Double Bay I relied heavily upon our the results and feedback of my brutally honest and highly discerning three year old. I can honestly say that if her feedback is anything to go on your little ones will just love these beautifully designed retro sleeping bags featuring a fluffy forest owl face that doubles as a pillow.

I had almost given up on my daughter having day sleeps and then she took an afternoon nap on the couch in her Bubaloo sleeping bag and slept for two and a half hours! Best day time nap ever! When I asked if she liked the sleeping bag she said, “Mummy, I like sleeping in my owl. She cuddles me while I sleep and keeps my head soft”.

100% cotton quilted and easy to roll and secure with tabs, these sleeping bags have been made by Bubaloo with special design requests from the team at TheMamaClub.

Not only are they good for daycare, visits to the grandparents house or for travel, they are the perfect accompaniment for transitioning your toddler in to their ‘first’ bed.

Rest time will take no convincing at all with these incredibly comfy sleeping bags, available in both pink and blue, the perfect special gift at only $69.95.

All children enrolled at TheMamaClub or The Prep School Double Bay receive their Bubaloo Sleeping Bag as part of their orientation kit. If you would like to purchase an extra one to keep at home or to give to a friend as a Christmas gift you can purchase them by calling Rachael on 9389 3535.

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Kind Words

We have had some lovely feedback from our parents of The Mama Club . We are so delighted to be getting it right. We are enjoying watching your little ones as they grow and develop. Thank you very much for your kind words.

This one is so lovely we couldn’t help but share it ! 

‘I looked at 8 day cares before looking at The Mama Club. As a first time mom and someone that worries about everything, it was really hard for me to find a place where I felt totally comfortable leaving my son. But I really felt at ease at the Mama Club straight away. Firstly and most importantly, the girls there are FANTASTIC! All of them are so nice and welcoming and friendly and supportive and professional and they are all wonderful with my son. They seem to genuinely care for him and enjoy spending time with him and I think this is why he seems so happy there. 
The facilities are also wonderful. It is by far the most spacious and clean day care that I have seen. I love the outdoor centre, covered in shade. And I love all the different learning stations. I feel like there are so many opportunities for my son to learn and develop at the Mama Club. I really feel like it is so good for him socially, developmentally and educationally.
When my son is in day care, one of the highlights of my day is receiving the picture texts from the Mama Club. I absolutely LOVE these!! It is so great to see what he is up to and the photo collages always makes me smile. It’s a wonderful thing you do and I’m so grateful for it! I also really appreciate the daily feedback on my sons eating, sleeping and nappy changes.
Another aspect of the Mama Club that I love is that you can call in the morning and if there are spaces left, drop off your child. Up until this week, I had just been sending my son on his scheduled two days a week. But I am pregnant with baby #2 and have had a really difficult first trimester with lots of morning sickness and some debilitating exhaustion. Tuesday was one of those days I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to get out of bed, and knew I wouldn’t be able to properly care for my son , and I was SO grateful that the Mama Club had space for him. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise. With no family here and a husband who can’t really take any more days off work (he took a lot earlier in my pregnancy before we discovered the Mama Club), it really has been a life saver for me. 
Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful place for my son, just wish he could stay till he was much older:-) !

The Mama Club -Week beginning the 14th October 2013


The Mama Club will be at the  Baby and Toddler show this week from Friday 11th until Sunday the 14th October. If you are popping down to the show please come and say hello to our friendly team we would love to see you all .

Week beginning the 14th October 2013 

The theme this week is ‘all things red’ 

Please feel free to dress your child in red this week 

Monday –  We will be investigating and exploring  red jelly  today as well as painting our little feet to make lovely foot prints. The children will love catching the red balloons outdoors..

Tuesday – The children will enjoy water play outdoors, getting wet and splashing around. We will also be exploring pasta using all of our senses to explore. 

Wednesday – Today we are practicing our hand to eye coordination using the crayons to draw lovely pictures.Our sensory experience today is red rice play.

Thursday – Red paint and brushes will be available  to allow the children to be creative and paint their own  beautiful pictures. Ice cube play is always a hit as the children explore the sensation of cold.

Friday – Today we get our fingers busy pulling,picking ,licking and rolling the red glittery play dough. We will also be investing the gloop ! Gloop is great fun and very messy ! 

All week the children will have access to a red area with lots of objects to investigate.   As always books are always available to the children. They often  enjoying listing and looking at the books throughout their day . The outdoor area is available for the children to enjoying some fresh air.


We look forward to seeing you all both at The Baby and Toddler Show and The Mama Club 

See you soon 

The Mama Club Team 


Week of 7th October 2013

This weeks theme is Nursery Rhymes


What your favorite nursery rhyme ? We have selected a few classics that we all remember as children.


Baa Baa Black sheep 

The children will be investigating different wool’s in the sensory area,feeling the different textures and sensations. We will also be making are own cotton wool sheep’s for the wall.We will of course be singing this classic rhyme and engaging the children in singing using the musical instruments to have fun.


Twinkle Twinkle 

Today we will be playing with ice cube stars, talking about the feeling of the ice whilst investigating the textures using our hands. Play dough will also be available for the children to play with with some star shaped cutters to make their own star shapes.


Little Miss Muffet

Today we will be looking and reading the rhyme of Little Miss Muffet to the children .We will talk about the spider and then make our own spiders in the art area. Custard will be our messy activity today . The children will be free to explore the custard using their hands,tasting and having fun playing in it.


Mary Mary quite contrary 

Today we will be using our musical bells to make lovely music . We will also enjoy brush painting to make some lovely flowers just like Mary’s garden. We will of course be practicing our singing by singing the rhyme.


Enjoy the long weekend everyone and we will see you all next week !

The Mama Club Team 

Week beginning 30th September 2013 – Animals

What is your favorite animal? There are so many to choose from we had a hard time choosing what animals to do for our theme this week. This week the children will enjoy learning about different animals whilst having fun doing lots of activities such singing and arts and crafts.We have chosen some of our favorite books to read  to the children this week including ‘where going on a bear hunt’ and ‘The Gruffalo. On Wednesday we are having a Teddy bears pic –  nic for morning and afternoon tea . Be sure to bring your child’s favorite bear with you when you come in. 

Monday – Birds 

Tuesday – Frogs

Wednesday – Bears 

Thursday -Snakes

Friday -Fish 

As always the children have access to the outdoor area where they will enjoy playing in the sandpit and with the large cars and trucks . Bubbles have been a huge success this week and will defiantly feature in next weeks program.

We look forward to seeing you all then.

The Mama Club Team 

Week beginning the 23rd September 2013 -Our theme this week is Transport.



Come on in and join in the fun at The Mama Club .We have lots planned to keep the children busy whilst learning and having fun. If you have registered with us  and would like to book in please book in using the following link http://themamaclub.simplybook.me quoting your registration number or give us a call.

Monday -Boats

The children will have a ball playing with the boats in the glittery water splashing and having fun.

We will also be singing and doing the actions to Row Row Row your boat  promoting social interactions.

For art and craft we will be collaging our own sail boats getting our fingers sticky.


Tuesday -Cars and trucks 

Today the children will investigate the cars and trucks in the paint making lovely track mark  pictures.

We will  also be looking at books with cars and trucks promoting our language skills.

The children will love playing with the large trucks in the outdoor area transporting objects around the garden.

Wednesday -Buses

What better way to kick of the day than singing the wheels on the bus 

We will  also be getting arty painting and decorating our own big red bus .

For role play we will be making our own bus for our children and dollies to sit in and pretend.

Thursday- Tractors 

Today we are going to be getting messy with the tractors and mash potatoes exploring the textures.

Our story book today with be old McDonald had a farm featuring a lovely red tractor.

Outdoor the children will have fun using the tractors in the sand pit .

Friday -All forms of transport 

The children will enjoy decorating hot air balloons as well as playing out doors on the large cars.

We will sing ‘Down by the station’ a lovely song about a train.

We will also get our little fingers busy building the train tracks and playing with the trains. 

As always we have range of toys out every day for the children to play with and enjoy. We have a large sensory area within the room as well as the large physical area for the children to enjoy.Our book area is growing by the day and are always available for the children to look at and read .

Look forward to seeing you all soon 

The Mama Club Team 

Learning to love reading !


“ Parents urged to read before a sentence is spoken.”

“Australian research has confirmed the value of reading to young children long before they can hold a conversation. The study of more than 4000 Australian children found that four-year-olds who were not read to at home were a year behind other children who were read to every day.”  Kathryn Shine, Australian, 16 September 2013.


Parents do not realize that they are not only the child’s first teacher but, the most important and best teacher because of their emotional links with their child. Talking to your child from those very early days while shopping, dressing, eating reading aloud and carrying out ordinary activities stimulates their language. The more language children are exposed to the better readers they become with good understanding of what they read. Research has shown that long before children go to school they will develop and use good language if they hear good language.


It is important to spend time reading to your child to create a positive attitude to books. Let the child see you read magazines, papers, books as young children observe what adults do and learn by imitation. A child’s positive attitude toward books and reading also depends largely on parents spending time with their children reading to them.  Through sharing books with parents, children learn to turn pages, talk about the story and the pictures, join in with parts they know well and gradually recognize words on the page. All this helps to build their confidence and interest and plays an important part in their development as successful readers.